25 Radio Stations Attend

Beijing, China (September 10, 2010) - For five days over 70 attendees, from 25 stations, attended the RCS 2010 User Seminar held at the RCS headquarters in Beijing. Presenters were: Dave Wilson of AMP China, Ken Chen from Yuan Chuan Media of Shanghai, Mr. Sung from News98 of Taipei, Mr. Joseph Chen of Taiwan BCC, Ms. Tara Dai from China Radio International and Mr. Zhu Wen Wei of Radio Henan Traffic Radio.

Training modules revolved around: Zetta, Aquira, RCSnews and GSelector. The changing face of Chinese radio and the upcoming importance of all news formats were also discussed. RCS has always provided training and on-going support of all its products through these kinds of events and of course, their world class 24/7 Support. As the slogan goes, "RCS Never Sleeps."

About RCS

RCS software is used by more than 14,500 radio stations, TV music channels, cable companies, satellite music networks and Internet stations worldwide. RCS is the world's largest broadcast software company. The company also provides broadcasters and webcasters tools and expertise and also develops real-time audio recognition technology.