Record and Upload From Anywhere

RCS iPush is an app for your phone or hand-held device that lets you record then send voice tracks right into NexGen Digital, Zetta or RCSNews.

The audio transfers into the system for playback on the air. With RCS iPush you can leave that bulky recording equipment at the studio and still capture events. iPush your recordings directly into the automation system's library. iPush works with your iPhone or second generation or newer iPod Touch. iPush is compatible with the phone's microphone, or upgrade to higher quality third party microphones.

Check out the app store for more information. You must have iTunes installed.

RCS iPush - RCS

The red Record/Stop button allows the user to record on the spot and green Play button allows the user to play back the audio before sending to the station.

World Class Support

Our Support department is legendary. All the people who help you solve your day to day problems are radio people, too. RCS Support never sleeps and is always open 24/7/365 for NexGen users worldwide.


Know your basics

  • Record news, promos, segues or bits and then send them to NexGen Digital, Master Control or RCSnews.
  • Send the audio file and XML metadata with the Title, Comment, Cart Number, Cut Number and Talent Name of the event for processing and loading.
  • The touch screen technology makes it easy to use RCS iPush with a simple tap of the finger.

Technical Requirements

  • iPhone - OS 6 or newer installed.
  • iPod Touch - Requires a second generation version or newer iPod with OS 6.0 or above installed.
  • NexGen Digital - WANCasting must be installed and running with a network connection


Do I need a subscription to use iPush?

No subscription is necessary. You will need an iPhone or iPod Touch and the ability to sync it to iTunes in order to get iPush installed. If using an iPhone, the application will work over the cell's data connection, but it isn't necessary. With either an iPhone or iPod touch utilize any Wi-Fi connection. (So a service contract is not necessary.)

How long of audio file can I record?

In theory you could record until the file storage system was full. This length will vary depending on the iPod Touch or iPhone version and what is already installed or stored on the device.

Can I send a clip right to air?

If the audio is setup to automatically load into the automation system and the user had previously scheduled the item in the log, it should play at the scheduled time.

Are FTP transfers allowed?

Yes, the latest version of iPush supports FTP transfers and makes it very easy to use. In the Settings page you can now choose FTP for the transfer instead of STS (Wancasting). So select that option and then enter FTP details for your FTP site and folder you wish to upload recordings to.

How difficult is importing a file?

Importing from iPush is very easy. All you need to do is configure an Autoload folder, under Configuration | System, to point to the folder where the FTP uploads are arriving. Give it the appropriate settings and then restart the Autoload process under Launcher on the Startup Manager to activate it.