Master Control is Selector-Smart

Because of the Living Log Master Control is the only automation system that is Selector-smart and communicates constantly with your music scheduler Selector SQL. This means when you make a change, it automatically appears on the log and in the studio.

Intuitive studio environment

Master Control is used in over 100 countries worldwide. Fully integrated with Selector music scheduling and Linker promo scheduling, Master Control is user-friendly and easy-to-learn. So, your air staff can focus on announcing, not operations.

Smart Ripper
Extract a Perfect Digital Copy

We've improved Smart Ripper and the Audio Format Converter! In addition to the ability to extract a perfect digital copy of an original CD track in a fraction of real time and preserve each song in its original crystal-clear state with built-in normalization, you can now convert your files into PCM, MP2, and MP3*.

Powerful studio tools

When you get Master Control, you get instant audio Hot Keys®, Segue Editor, "Real Feel" Voice Tracking, and the award-winning Log-Linked Web Browser. Plus, from remote locations, Internet Voice Tracking allows air talent to insert content from any Windows® computer with a sound card and a microphone.

The Installation Expertise

RCS' engineering team installs every Master Control system. Our highly-trained and field experienced radio engineers come to your station to set up your system and train you and your staff. When you buy Master Control, you get RCS.

World Class Support

Our Support department is legendary. All the people who help you solve your day to day problems are radio people, too. RCS Support never sleeps and is always open 24/7/365 for Master Control users worldwide.


  • Living Log® integration with Selector, Linker and your traffic database keeps every workstation in sync with log changes.
  • Voice Tracking™ and Internet Voice Tracking™ give your group the flexibility of using talent from anywhere around the world and make them sound local.
  • Selector Smart Ripper® rips CD audio, and then analyzes the file to deliver rich song data like title/artist, run time, tempo, texture and more. All automatically and directly into your Selector database.
  • Auto-Scheduling knows when a programming schedule is about to run out and automatically generates more schedule using the station's Selector Rules and Policies, to keep you on the air.
  • Precision Segue Editor™ maintains tight transitions and great segues.
  • Auto-Traffic Integration "grabs" the next day's spot log and integrates it into Linker and Selector automatically.
  • MC Monitor™ keeps a real-time watchful eye on all your Master Control computers. It can also report (within seconds) any problems to RCS support and to you via email, mobile text message and display screen.
  • Background Recording captures records network or external programming feeds based on a trigger by Time, Contact Closure, or start of audio.
  • Audio Editor offers native MPEG2 or linear editing with built-in time stretch and squeeze. Plus, drag & drop support to your favorite multi-track editor.
  • Script Display shows live copy on demand for the ultimate paperless studio.
  • Automatic Time and Temperature announcements.
  • Launcher: This Automated Task Scheduler handles daily chores such as data backup, audio distribution and numerous other assigned tasks.
  • AFS - Audio File System stores shared audio on central server or locally on playback machine.
  • Audio support for Master Control: Windows PCM (.wav), Broadcast Wave (.bwf) MPEG 1 Layer 2 128-384Kbps. (44.1K, 48K), MP3 and WMA (decoding).
  • Hardware: Master Control runs on standard rack or desktop PC computers. Networking, backup solutions and manufacturer's hardware maintenance agreements are available.

Technical Requirements

  • Workstation

    • Operating System - Windows XP® Professional, Server 2003, Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise (32 and 64-bit), Server 2008 (32 and 64-bit) or Server 2008 64-bit R2
    • SQL version: 2005, 2008 or 2008 R2 (64 bit) SQL engines
    • CPU - 3GHz (P4)
    • RAM - 1GB / 4GB if hosting the database
  • Production

    • Operating System - Windows XP® Professional, Server 2003, Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise (32 and 64-bit), Server 2008 (32 and 64-bit) or Server 2008 64-bit R2
    • SQL version: 2005, 2008 or 2008 SQL R2 (64 bit) SQL engines
    • CPU - 3GHz (P4)
    • RAM - 2GB
  • On-Air

    • Operating System - Windows XP® Operating System - Windows XP® Professional, Server 2003, Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise (32 and 64-bit), Server 2008 (32 and 64-bit) or Server 2008 64-bit R2
    • SQL version: 2005, 2008 or 2008 SQL R2 (64 bit) SQL engines
    • CPU - 3GHz (P4)
    • RAM – 2GB / 4GB if hosting the database
  • Supported Video Cards

    • Multiple Monitors: nVidia QUADRO NVS285, or similar, is preferred
    • Graphics Adapter must support Direct3D, at least 256MB Video RAM Recommended.
    • Ensure that your chosen card has supported drivers including Direct3D for your Operating System
  • Network

    • 1000Mbit networks as a minimum
  • These are minimum requirements for an installation, but it's best to contact RCS MASTER CONTROL SUPPORT for a design specialist to assist you before any hardware is purchased

    Please contact RCS for site specific hardware configurations if you have further questions.


What does a digital automation system do?

A digital automation system plays all the recorded audio heard on a radio station.

What motivated RCS to create its Master Control™ system?

With both Selector and Linker, RCS moved to the next logical need...An automated playout system, which all worked in harmony.

What makes Master Control different from all other digital automation systems?

Master Control is the only digital automation system with a LIVING LOG®, this means that when making changes in the Selector or Linker log, they are seen immediately on every computer in the system. No need for synchronizing logs, because there is always only one Living Log per station, and everyone on the network can see it.

What about audio for Master Control?

Master Control employs intelligent audio management. Using a single audio storage set for several radio stations Master Control makes audio files (like commercials) easily shared among stations.

What kind of audio cards does Master Control need?

You can use an Audio Wave card, or an NP (PCX Digigram) compatible, analog or digital card.

What kind of files can I use with Master Control?

Master Control supports playback of linear files or MPEG2 in either 44.1 or 48 KHz.

Does Master Control come with an audio ripper?

Yes, Selector Smart Ripper™ is part of Master Control so you can rip and analyze files quickly, when you add them into Master Control and Selector.

Can Master Control handle MP3 files?

Yes, MPEG3 (Windows Media Player) compatible files can be imported without being converted.

Can Master Control play different kinds of files within the same system?

Yes, Master Control can play different bit rates of different files on the same station, but the sample rate must be the same.

Does Master Control come with any normalization?

Yes, the smart audio level normalization of Master Control prevents digital overload and makes a more consistent sound on the air.

What kind of audio cards does Master Control need?

You can use an Audio Wave card or an NP (PCX Digigram) compatible, analog or digital card.

On how many channels can I play back with Master Control?

Play back audio on 2, 3 or 4 audio channels as needed, for complete control of your station's audio.

What kind of hardware interfacing is possible with Master Control?

Mixing desk and other hardware interfaces are available via GPI, RS232 and TCP/IP connections, where supported.

Do I have to buy special computers and equipment to have Master Control?

There is no proprietary hardware used with Master Control, but being a mission critical audio delivery system, we recommend server grade computers from "A List manufacturers.

How many computers do most stations employ to run a professional Master Control setup?

From two to 200 computers, single station or cluster. MC is completely scalable to suit your operational needs and future growth.

Do I need a special control board or console to run Master Control?

No, Master Control interfaces to any professional broadcast audio console, analog or digital.

Is there something special Master Control does with audio and voice tracks?

Yes, with automatic audio ducking, voice tracks have more presence especially during complex segues; no need to ride gain on each segu.

Can Master Control help me with special timing requirements?

Yes, one of the strong features of Master Control is time stretching and squeezing during real time playback or in the production room to precisely size the audio so it fits the necessary space requirement.

What about network feeds and scheduling?

Master Control offers a wide array of background recording features to help you auto record satellite or any incoming audio feed that keep your closed circuit downloads organized.

What about inserting Traffic reports?

With Master Control's Just-In-Time Audio, you can play back the very latest report, fresh from the traffic network or even start playing a report while it is still recording!

Are there any backup systems in Master Control?

Yes, the backup technology of Master Control makes sure no data or audio over fifteen minutes old can be lost. Master Control can be configured with a totally redundant hard drive, so you can stay on the air no matter what happens.

What about those quick audio jingles and sound effects that our DJs always want to insert?

With Master Control's Hot Keys, your talent can instantly playback up to 625 elements which can be labeled, stored and organized in Master Control by each talent as they wish.

What about contest winners on the telephones? How is this handled?

Master Control's Quick Record lets you record a contest winner for later playback or archiving. One click starts recording both the caller and any microphone you select, instantly.

Do I have to be in the studio to adjust segues?

No, in fact, you can edit segues and voice track from any computer in the station with Master Control installed.

We have a morning show from another building, how can Master Control handle this situation?

Whether across town, across the country or on location anywhere in the world - Internet Voice Tracking™ allows you to record, audition and insert voice tracks right into the log from any Internet-enabled computer, with no special software necessary.

What kind of elements can be automated with Master Control?

You can automate temperature and exact time announcements, and, of course any ID's back-timed into a network feed.

What if I use more than one studio?

Integrated Studio switching in Master Control lets you seamlessly move from one studio to another.

What if programming people forget to schedule the log?

One of the exclusive features of Master Control is Selector Auto-scheduling. This means when you run out of schedule, Master Control schedules more music using the clock from that hour, so you stay on the air.

What about "Now Playing" information we show on our Web site and RDS, like song title and artist data?

Master Control supports information in ASCII and/or XML for supporting Web services, RDS, RBDS, DAB and Billboard files.

What if I need to cover terrestrial station commercials on my internet streamed programming?

Master Control can help you cover spots via TCP/IP.

What about technical support once I get my Master Control?

The sun never sets on RCS Support. With offices around the world, there is always an expert awake and at work - 24/7/365 - to talk to you within seconds.

What kind of people work in Master Control support?

RCS Support is made up of people who have years of experience as radio engineers, program directors, music directors and on-air talent. We can help you solve any problem, at any time.

How do I get in contact with RCS Support?

Support contact information is available here.