Radio Visualized

Technology is all around us. We now have the Internet, MP3 players, mobile phones and many new digital platforms emerging around the world. Radio must keep step with the available technologies. RCS RadioShow keeps your station in front of the listener, no matter where they are or what they are doing - and no matter which digital platform they are using.

Enhance your station's programming on the air, in the car, on the Web or on a hand-held device - with RCS RadioShow. Use today's latest technology to reach more listeners in more ways.

RCS RadioShow creates a reason for listeners to come to your station's site with their Web browser, cell phone or other digital platform - to see valuable information like song titles and artist names of the music playing on the air. RCS RadioShow shows what's on the air in real-time, synchronized to your terrestrial station's audio.

Dazzle your audience with animated graphics and information from artist notes to RSS feeds. Now with RCS RadioShow, you can add visuals synchronized to your audio stream. From CD covers and artist graphics to station photos and sponsor logos, the branding matches your station look.

Now your advertisers can be seen as well as heard. RadioShow gives you the opportunity of selling visual advertisements synchronized to your existing audio inventory.

RadioShow allows a multitude of e-commerce opportunities. Your listeners can buy the song they are hearing, order concert tickets, or they can click-thru to more information about the advertisements they are hearing.

World Class Support

Our Support department is legendary. All the people who help you solve your day to day problems are radio people, too. RCS Support never sleeps and is always open 24/7/365 for RCS RadioShow users worldwide.

Respond to the call of your customers/listeners for new modes of new media distribution. Give them the whole picture... with RCS RadioShow.


  • Title/Artist of song now playing on your station's Web site
  • Animated graphics with a plethora of content on artist bio or background, tour dates, additional artist factoids - synchronized with current song play
  • Animated sponsor images accompany aired commercials with links to sponsor
  • Can incorporate RSS feeds into visual schedule
  • Interfaces with RCS and third-party playout systems
  • Web-based User Interface - no complex software installed on site other than an Automation Watcher
  • No separate audio schedule required - Automation Watcher listens to your existing automation output
  • Large 480 by 640 display for the Internet if required
  • Same content generated for the web can be automatically repurposed for the cell phone (or vice versa)
  • Leverages your existing Selector Song and Artist Notes to provide visual content

Technical Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Professional or Windows 2003 Server for Automation Watcher
  • Hard disk space: at least 2 GB
  • Memory: at least 256 MB of RAM
  • Clock speed: at least 1 GHz

These are minimum requirements, so feel free to exceed them. Get as much power and free space as you can. The RCS RADIOSHOW CUSTOM version may require further memory or disk space, depending on the average quantity and type of graphics being served. For Internet connectivity and servers, RCS supports a Microsoft® network using TCP/IP using a brand name, server grade computer.

Please contact RCS for site specific hardware configurations if you have further questions.


What is RCS RadioShow?

RadioShow is the world's most advanced system for allowing a radio station (or audio streaming company) to present fully synchronized, intelligently scheduled, relevant graphics alongside the audio on almost any digital platform that you can imagine.

Which digital platforms are supported?

The most obvious platforms that are common globally are the Internet and the mobile phone/cell phone. Around the world there are many emerging digital platforms including: HD Radio in the United States, DAB, DAB Plus, DRM and DVB in Europe and Asia Pacific. If you have a particular platform you need to support, with sufficient notice, we will accommodate your needs.

So what exactly does RadioShow do graphically?

RadioShow provides real-time 'now playing' information from the radio station's automation system. This data includes the song or commercial currently on-air plus the next few items that are in "cue", ready to be played. The "just-in-time" Visual Content Scheduler reacts on the fly to changes in the broadcast and assembles a sequence of visual content that reflects the style and presentation goals designed by the radio station. This keeps the stream of content fresh so that the consumer does not see the same sequence of content each time a song plays.

Can I incorporate RSS feeds?

A portion of the radio station's visual content can come from RSS feeds available on the internet. Weather forecasts, showbiz news, horoscopes, news headlines and so on are updated automatically with no work required on the part of the radio station. Some feeds may be designated as "premium," which means they are not available to a radio station unless the station specifically signs up for that feed.

I am a Selector/Linker customer and I have lots of Song Notes and Artist Notes already in the system. Can I use these or do I have to start again?

If you have been diligent in keeping a database of Artist Notes and Song Notes, you already have a rich source of data than can be automatically overlaid against graphical templates. When a relevant song or artist is being played, RCS RadioShow will automatically import the Artist Notes and Song Notes that are stored in the radio station's database and overlay them against eye-catching station images, logos or wallpapers. This is a simple way to create content elements from data that many radio stations already have.

What if I need to urgently broadcast a graphic or text that is not in the schedule?

Quick Send allows users to add a new content element or select an existing one from the database and send it to the audience right away.

Is the system interactive?

Polls, surveys, rate-this-song and contests are types of interactive content that lets the audience participate in the radio station's broadcast. These are all possible.

Is visual content prioritized?

Visual content is separated into various content categories such as Artist Images, Song Notes, News Headlines, Showbiz News, etc. Station Priorities gives radio stations control over how often content elements from the categories will appear on their Visual Radio presentation.

Isn't this sort of product still a distraction for most radio stations?

Far from it. It is vitally important to understand that most radio groups are now seeing higher year-on-year revenue growth from their online services than they are getting out of their core businesses. As competition from other forms of entertainment increases, radio is recognizing the need to do everything within their power to keep people within their branded environment.

Can I make new money using RCS RadioShow?

Absolutely. Radio stations can schedule visual commercials that are shown at the same time the related audio commercial is broadcast on the radio station. Visual commercials can include phone, SMS and web links so customers can immediately see or get additional information. Once you have sold your regular audio inventory, now you can sell your advertisers incremental opportunities by letting their customers see what they hear.

Apart from having graphics synchronized with my regular audio inventory, are there other ways I can make money using RCS RadioShow?

Many! For example, now you can have "visual-only" advertisements during songs, as a way of extending the impact of a recently aired regular audio/visual break. You can now include extra revenue-earning graphical impact on sponsorships. Unlike traditional banner advertising, RCS RadioShow advertising is scheduled intelligently.

Could I sell sponsorship within the player skin?

Absolutely. We don't dictate what your player looks like - this is up to you. We are happy to provide generic player templates, but we understand that most radio stations will want to design their own - and these may include provision for sponsorship.

Can advertisers or sponsors provide additional or "deeper" data to interested listeners using RadioShow?

Yes. One of the main benefits of RadioShow is that a listener can immediately respond to something they hear and immediately get more information than what they hear on the air, via a music purchase option or an advertiser's Web site. For example, hyperlinks can be added so a single click connects the listener to the advertiser's Web site or to a special offer page, each in a separate window.

Can I make money by selling the music my listeners are hearing?

Yes. The graphics associated with a particular song or artist can contain buttons or links that will take your listener directly to a fulfillment agency for possible percentage commission deals.

How difficult is the on-site installation?

Apart from Automation Watcher, there isn't an on-site installation. The client has a web-based UI. There is no on-site hardware or complex technical integration required.

I may want to add platforms later, but to start, I would like to use RadioShow for my Website and Visual Radio for Nokia cell phones. Do I have to do twice the work to repurpose content between one platform and the other?

No. The default screen size is 480x480 pixels - which is a good size for the Internet and gives you great flexibility for your display image size. Coincidentally, this is also the size that we provide to Visual Radio customer cellphones - whatever the phone's screen size, the 480x480 image is automatically repurposed "back-stage" to fit the phone screen.

But what if I wish to have different content on the cell phone and on the Internet - does the system prevent me from doing this?

If you want to customize different looks and capabilities for each of your platforms, you may do that if you wish. Whichever workflow you choose, you can be sure that our system is so powerful that this will be far less labor-intensive than competing products - with far more functionality. Selector customers who have been diligent with their Artist and Song Notes, for example, already have a rich source of meta-data than can be automatically overlaid against graphical templates.

Does the radio station have to buy new computers to run the 'Automation Watcher?'

The Automation Watchers do not require dedicated machines. They can run on Windows 7 or Windows 2003 Server machines.

I am not streaming audio on the Web, but could I still use the graphical output of RadioShow with my terrestrial signal?

If you are only interested in broadcasting to a local audience, then they could listen to the audio on a conventional radio while watching the graphics on their computer-based player while working on other applications.

Is there a long delay in what is shown in RadioShow from what is actually being heard?

No, all versions of RCS RadioShow are synchronized to match your station's on air signal.

How much is RadioShow (and Visual Radio) going to cost me?

Payment arrangements may include:

  • Simple lease fees - just like Selector
  • Straight barter (in selected markets only)
  • A mix of lease and barter
  • A mix of lease and reserved visual advertising spots for third-party sale
  • Visual advertising revenue-share