Long form or short form

Record airchecks, recycle promotions, save entire shows, or keep tabs on the competition with RCS Tracker!

Access data from a log to pinpoint specific breaks, bits or spots - and review from any Internet ready computer. VU meters allow you to monitor the current status of a recording.

Logging, Skimming and Archiving

Now with flex skim technology, Tracker can skim radio programming in the traditional "destructive" sense, using momentary closures. Or, try our non-destructive skimming, which allows you to record marks while preserving the entire show without gaps.

Web Enabled

Monitor and review multiple stations via easy to use web-browser. Pinpoint and review audio elements using XML export ability. Maintain/monitor airchecks and prove the right spot played at the right time, on the right day. Retain as much of your station's audio as needed, using compressed or non-compressed audio formats.

Expandable - Flexible

Record from one to four sources simultaneously, mono or stereo. RCS Tracker uses multiple bit-rate storage on a "per recording channel", while recording length/times are user-configurable. Configure RCS Tracker to work with most analog or digital audio sources, including automation systems, satellite receivers and switchers.

Easy Access

Organize recordings by channel or time. These recordings can be accessed via network or remotely via webpage - with direct playback from a web browser.

World Class Support

Our Support department is legendary. All the people who help you solve your day to day problems are radio people, too. RCS Support never sleeps and is always open 24/7/365 for RCS Tracker users worldwide.


  • Ability to burn audio to CD.
  • Record up to four audio sources simultaneously per workstation (mono or stereo).
  • Compression formats include MP3, MP2 and WMA.
  • Records in compressed or non-compressed (linear) formats.
  • Multiple bitrate support, with one bitrate defined for each recording channel.
  • Remote access and playback via web page.
  • Audio recordings can be organized by channel or time.
  • Length of time stored is configurable.
  • Direct playback from a web browser.
  • Access logged data to pinpoint the specific break, bit or spot you want to review from any Internet ready computer.
  • Multiple channels, easy access via the network.
  • Local playback, skimming and monitoring.
  • IIS File and skimming playback website.
  • Easy to configure 24 x 7 Weekly Scheduler per channel.
  • Archiving and Purging file management system.
  • Flex Skim Technology.
  • Direct X Technology.
  • Real time audio compression through DirectShow ACM Codec.
  • Uses system installed ACM Codecs (such as PCM, WMA, MP3, Ogg Vorbis).
  • Internet Explorer, remote file and skimming playback.
  • Direct AM/FM Radio Tuner Access (using ASI 8702 tuner card).
  • NexGen Digital XML Web Playback.
  • Supports numerous input optical devices for skimming.
  • Automatic software updates.
  • Real time audio monitoring.
  • Can be configured to work with almost any analog or digital audio source.

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum Hardware Components

    • P4 1.2 GHz processor
    • 512 MB DDR RAM
    • 120 GB Hard Drive*
  • Single-Channel Audio Card

    • DirectX Audio Card with Record Channel
  • Multi-Channel Audio Card

    • ASI 6122
    • ASI 6244
  • RCS Tracker Capture System Requirements

    • Operating platforms Windows XP and Windows 7
    • IIS for internet-based playback and monitoring
    • DirectX compatible sound card
  • Client Internet Playback

    • Windows Media Player 9 (or higher)


How are RCS Tracker files named?

RCS Tracker uses the following naming convention when naming captured files: 'Channelname_Year_Month_Day_hour_minute_second( GMT offset).extension'

My RCS Tracker plug-in is missing. What should I do?

The RCS Tracker dialog is not visible when starting the application or the plug-in doesn't appear in the IntelliMedia Plug-in List (This can be checked by pressing the configuration hotkey Alt-C). This is generally caused by missing or incorrect DLL's on the system. We recommend using the Microsoft Developer Depend.exe to identify which DLLs might be missing from the system.

Which operating systems can be used with RCS Tracker?

RCS Tracker was designed to run on Windows XP. RCS DOES NOT SUPPORT RCS Tracker ON WINDOWS 2000. Only Windows XP Professional operating system is supported. This is due to the way the operating system handles device and resource sharing. On previous version of Windows, only one application can use a record device at a time. The OS locks the record device to an application. Under Windows XP, the record device may be shared to multiple applications and instances.

Why can't I capture audio while using the microphone?

This is generally caused by a DirectX / operating system limitation. Only one input device per card / driver instance may be used at a single time. This means that if you have a single card exposed to a multiple input devices such as a microphone, line in. You can only use one of these devices at a time. The best way to resolve this limitation is put multiple devices in the system and set up the system to use different record devices for this situation.

Why does the audio sound distorted when recording?

This may be caused by having the record volume for the input device too high. Generally you can use the Windows mixer to adjust most record volumes on input devices. This is controlled by the manufacturer's device driver on the audio card you are using. Some devices have their own mixer control that must be used to adjust the card setting.

Can RCS Tracker automatically alert me when my hard drive is filling up?

No, you will not receive a separate alert.

Can I change the file type of recording once a channel has started recording?

No, during recording the option is not available to change settings midstream.

Could I use Tracker to record what is heard on my telephones?

The system is not designed to record telephones.

Can Tracker be configured to record studio out, but also act as a tuner of actual on-air audio?

Yes, you can record live play to air and other stations via your tuner card.

Do I need a dongle to run RCS Tracker?

A dongle is not required.

Can I adjust RCS Tracker via a web site?

Yes, you may log on to the web portal and adjust RCS Tracker settings.

What levels of security can I employ with RCS Tracker?

Security is based on user log in names.

What is the recommended hard drive size when I install RCS Tracker?

This depends on the size of files you would like to store. But a minimum of 120 GB Hard Drive is recommended.

Can RCS Tracker update its software while recording?

Updates are not completed while the program is running.